Training Mode

I think it would be good to have a training mode, a battle mode with no rewards, either pve or pvp, but that is based around the level of dinosaurs in your current team. Also allow us to pick some of our 4 dinosaurs, if not all for this game mode.

An example of what this would achieve, yesterday I wanted to try out a whole new team setup with impact and runs with SIA. I only have level 11 - 12 of these dinosaurs, except for the lvl 15 stygy. I usually in battle arena face with a team of 5 lvl 15s, 1 level 16, 1 level 17 and 1 level 13, mostly an enemy team with levels 19 - 22, which in itself is a problem, but I guess its based on the number of trophys I have. But currently due to strike towers being a fixed layout and way too easy, arena is the only place I can test out a new team setup, so I had 4 lvl 11s, 3 lvl 12s and 1 lvl 15, and I was still against the same lvl 19 - 22s. So I can’t test our my new team setup, and even then, I would get 4 dinosaurs that don’t really allow me to test the whole strategy of my team (I feel like if you use SIA, you have to build a whole deck around it), because I kept getting the wrong dinosaurs. If I were to actually use this setup, I would have enough dinosaurs by then to use this strategy. But the problem is, I cannot see how this strategy would fair if I am unable to properly test it. This is the same as if you want to try a new dinosaur too, to see how well it would fit in. So therefore, I think a training mode would be a really good addition.

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Try batlle e with friend!

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If you want to try your current Dinos and not your lvl 26,there is no way

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When we battle with friends our dino become equal at lvl 26 even when in our team our dino less than that.

This is what my suggestion is for.

Nice idea. The challenge system, used to battle with friends are poor… I have a limit to 25 friends, And I have to wait for someone of them is online and accept my challenge.

Sometimes I want to train my dinos and have to wait so long for a challenge.