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Training Pack Bug - list 2k runes!

Got a 3-star training pack option, paid the 2k tunes and didn’t get the items. Moreover, the pack advertised 999k gold draft and did not provide those either! I thought I hit some random jackpot but ended up just losing 2k runes.

Please HELP!

…Okay…uh…I don’t…quite understand why there are those that are thinking this is something that is actually going to work. There was someone earlier that had this same problem, so I’m going to copy+paste my answer here:

" I’d wait a day or two to make sure nothing appears in your inventory- maybe it’s just delayed. But if nothing shows up (which I’m doubting will), you’ll have to contact support. The email is if you don’t wish to contact them through the in-game channels.

In general, however, you probably don’t want to confirm purchases when there’s a glitch like that happening. Because there’s a far greater likelihood something more is wrong with it than just a visual error. At best they’ll probably be able to refund your runes? Good luck! "

And I’m going to add here: Guys, please, please do not try to take ‘advantage’ of these things. It’s a glitch. The best case scenario is that you lose 2k runes, which you get back via a ticket to support. The worst case is that you do get these items, which is hardly a possibility, but nevertheless, your account could get flagged for cheating and immediately banned. That’s the usual rule in all games, and though I’d have to look it up for this game to double check, I’m pretty positive that’s how it would work for TU, too.

There’s no way the system would see someone so suddenly getting a million of anything and not see that as cheating. Technically, taking advantage of errors like this, if they resulted in massive amounts of anything, constitutes as cheating and could result in unfavorable consequences to your account.

Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t even think about that being considered cheating and now I feel a little bad about it.

Anyway, appreciate the insight and for providing a point of view I hadn’t considered. Thanks!

There’s no need to feel bad! It’s not like there was any dubious intent. Just a terribly tempting offer :smile: It just, unfortunately, happens to be one of those ‘too good to be true’ cases.

I have to admit though, I’m curious as to what the original intended pack was. :thinking: I don’t remember one costing 2k runes.

Anyway, I hope you get the runes back quickly!