Transfer game data?


So I recently upgraded from iphone 6 to 8. How do I continue my game from where i left off? Isn’t everything suppose to be on my apple id?. Please help. Thanks.


Interested in this. I’m on iPhone 7 and don’t have to login with an account to play JWA. It’s also not tied to FB because I’ve read sometimes your gameplay gets erased and you have to start everything from scratch again… don’t want to have that happening… it would be nice to have some Information about our game data


the whole point of linking to facebook is to prevent losing game data. you got it backwards.


I didn’t link it I just used a game centre account because I don’t have Facebook. I moved from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone X and it was all automatically saved. Did you use came centre?


Not everyone in the world has Facebook :joy:


nobody said they did? did you even read what he said?


I was referring to a post on this forum of a guy who after a few weeks of playing, linked JWA with his Facebook and he lost all gameplay in doing that. His game progress was erased and had to start from a fresh account. I really don’t want that to happen so im staying away from that