Transfer guest data to different ipad


Is it possible to transfer data to a new ipad on a guest account? My son loves the game but it won’t even start since new update😡


Hey El_Davo, I’m sorry to hear that your son’s game is not starting up. Are you getting an error when trying to launch the game? Usually, internet connection errors could prevent the game from loading correctly so try adjusting the internet connection and see if that helps. If you want to transfer your account to another guest account, you’ll have to reach out to our support team at with your support key information, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

I hope this helps!


Internet connection is goood, its only since the last update and now it won’t load, keeps saying update needed but then nothing to download, it is currently on an older ipad, looking to transfer data to a new one


Hey El_Davo, try going into the app store and tap on the Updates tab, from there, swipe down and hold till you see a loading sign. This should allow a list of available updates to appear for your apps.


No no update available, my son already did the recent update, its crashed ever since


@El_Davo, the suggestions I’ve gotten have been to make sure to do an iTunes backup and be sure to select the data for apps you want to get back. The iCloud backup doesn’t allow as much control of the backup process.


Still no reply of support! Really disappointed, I know with other games they can manually transfer data with the key, crap service with support!


Hey El_Davo, I’m sorry to hear that our team has not gotten back to you yet, they’re receiving a lot more tickets than usual, but they will try to get back to you soon. However, if you had sent in another email before they had the chance to reply, it might have reset your position in their queue.


No just the one email asking how to do manual transfer, no reply yet