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Transfer of Boosts

Why can’t boosts become less in value or transfer to a new currency and they are gotten rid of?

100 boosts = 2,000 bucks
100 boosts = 100,000 gold
100 boosts = 2,800 darts
100 boosts = 100 new currency (there was this thread that thought of some new rarity that included the science things to upgrade them, maybe this)

People are going to be saying this is way too much for just 100 boosts but 100 boosts can be bought for 2,000 bucks, 25,000 gold can be bought for 500 bucks, and 350 darts can be bought for 250 bucks.

Then 100 boost should be 1000 bucks



oh ok, I never said this was permanent, just that its an idea to et ludia out of a bad situation, plus people would prob be mad. Say they spent $300 but only got $150 in a refund. I mean it works either way.

I don’t think anybody needs more darts at this point :rofl:
I’d be ok with them being converted to coins or cash but converting them to darts would lose 90% of the playerbase, especially since even without the special shop deal, darts are still free and unlimited

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I’ll take hard cash for all my boosts. That would be just fine by me