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Transfer Saved Data from Apple ID to Facebook

My email for my apple ID got compromised so I have to get a new one and for a lot of my games I use my facebook anyways and completely forgot when I signed up for JWA. Was just wondering if a mod could possibly help me with this? Or if it’s even a possibility? Thanks

Hey, @IV6IX. Do you still have access to your game? Have you tried linking it to Facebook? Before doing so, kindly take note of your support key just in case you completely lose access to your game.

I do still have access, I just want to transfer it over to my Facebook if possible to prevent something from happening to my account. I’ve tried linking it to my facebook but it attempts to make a new account or sign in to my old account that I don’t use anymore. So whenever I try to sign in with my new facebook it tells me to use my old on. It’s a weird situation.

Kindly send an email to support at as they would be glad to assist you with linking your game to the correct Facebook account. Don’t forget to include your support key to expedite locating your account in our system. Thank you!