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Transferring account from Android to IOS

I’ve started an account on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and linked it to Google Play previously, but I would like to transfer it to an iPad, what should I do? I’ve tried connecting it to a facebook account then when I try connect it with the iPad with the same facebook account it somehow created a new Lv1 account. I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong while connecting to Facebook on my Samsung or is it something else that’s stopping me from transferring my account.
Anyway what should I do now? Is there still more ways to transfer my account? It’s a shame how I can’t use google account on an iPad.
If there isnt any other ways to transfer account then I would like help from a support staff as I have all the details of the account I’m trying to transfer (username, support key etc)

the best option is to write into support via email. they’ll overwrite the lv1 on the ipad with your main account and remove it from your google play. This will make the ipad account a guest account until you link it to Facebook. Once linked, if you wish to also have it on a google account as well, open the game again on your android device and get through the tutorial. From there, link it to facebook. Be double sure that it will overwrite the lv 1 account on the android with the main account linked to that facebook account before you confirm. With the correct account linked to FB on the android, you can then link to google play as well and have the game on two different OS devices.

It could take some time to get this done and you may need to answer some questions for security reasons. best of luck.

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