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Transferring account

I am not asking to transfer data but I want to know how many of your successfully managed to transfer your game data from 1 phone to another

  • I transferred my data with no issues
  • Mine got lost in the process
  • I am too scared to try
  • I too need to know how safe it is

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I linked mine to Facebook before I got a new phone and had no issues once I logged into Facebook again on my new phone.

Within the month I have had multiple accounts transferred to new Google accounts and phones.

Last night, I successfully transferred my game data from an iPhone to an android device. Before doing so, I made sure that the game account was linked to my Facebook account and I also wrote down my support key just in case. :slight_smile:


I had support help me transfer my google account to my ipad. i got that linked to facebook then opened a new game back on my phone, linked that to FB which overwrote the guest game with my main, then linked that to google play so i now have the game on both devices.

What if it’s under google play

It’s safe if you want to do it

My first experience transferring my account data (Google play to Google play) was a complete success.
But then Error 10010 happened.every solution given by Ludia didn’t work and the only solution was to transfer the account to a guest account (i know that is dangerous but i don’t have another Gmail account)
And it didn’t work,i still cannot access my old account.
My Google play is now at lvl 1 as intended but I can’t open my guest account.
I provide another solution but Ludia haven’t responded yet.

@Carnoraptor.troodon, if your original account was connected to the same Google Play account, there shouldn’t be a problem transferring your progress to another Android device. In the unusual instance that things go south during the transfer, our support team can provide assistance as long as you have the support key. :slight_smile:

ok thanks a lot i have asked support

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