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Transferring from one device to another

Hello, I am curious about how transferring accounts works

Currently I want to transfer my better account to my Facebook account, but I am not sure if it will go the other way around.

I just don’t want it to transfer my Facebook accounts recent park to my old park where I have everything.

My account before the shuffle

Contact support and have your Facebook account restarted. When it’s done, login to Facebook with your advanced account and it will automatically save your data. That’s what I did a few months ago.

I see

So I restart my Facebook account

And I put Facebook on my tablet which holds my og account, and log in to Facebook through that
And then log into Facebook through this

What do I need to give them to restart Facebook account

Yup, since your Facebook account will be restarted it will register it as a new login, so it will save your guest park progress. I recommend that after you do this, uninstall and install the game because your guest account in your tablet will still be a copy from your Facebook account, it’s just to avoiding confusions or a possible progress loss

Your Facebook account support number (you can see it in the options menu) and your email

Restart Facebook account
Put Facebook on tablet and set it up
Login to Facebook through the game
Uninstaller the game
And login to Facebook through my new account

Yes, it should work. But save both support keys in case it doesn’t (it won’t happen, but always be prepared)

So I need to get my new accounts support key and my old accounts support key

Also thanks for the help

Yes, the guest one as a security measure if something goes wrong and the Facebook one so they can reset it

No problem

Wait I got a question, if I log into Facebook through that other games data will it ask me if I want this data to my Facebook account or my current data

I’m sorry I don’t think I understood correctly.
You mean that if you reset your Facebook account and want to login to any other game with it, it will be reset too? If that’s what you meant, then no, Ludia’s support team will only reset it for Jurassic World the game, your other logins on different games or apps wil still be the same.

I see thanks

Where do I find the Facebook support number again

Is it the authenticity number or that

Go to the settings and you’ll see it, it’s right where I pointed in the picture.

Thanks man

Did it work?