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Transferring my save to Facebook account

I think I’m currently on a guest account and I fear my progress could be lost due to any reason. I suppose linking the Facebook account is the only way to save progress? But I’m kind of confused as to how to make the shift. I don’t want to risk my progress so I thought I should ask here first.

This is what my options screen looks like:

Do I need to click “Logout” first and then “Login with Facebook”? Or should I just click on “Login with Facebook” and then enter my Facebook details?

I would say just click on Login with Facebook, but I am not too sure.

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I’m playing for years with a guest account (never ever fb) without any issues. As long as you know your support key Ludia can always restore your data after a crash with a guest account.
The only advantage of a fb login is that you can play your game on different devices, a guest account is linked to a certain device and can only transferred from Ludia.

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If you wish to link your FB to the Guest account, you need to click “Login with Facebook” without logging out. This will then link your Guest account to your FB.

You can login via FB on Android or iOS devices now.

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Just click log in with facebook. I had to do that recently.

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Speaking of this, I lost my game before when Facebook disabled my account. I did not have my support key so I had to start over. Be sure to store your support key and player ID somewhere safe.


Thanks guys. From the responses, it seems that I have to just click on “Login with Facebook”. Would be even better if we could get a word on this from the Support staff here.

I also wanted to know if somebody keeps on playing with a guest account, but at some point loses their data due to some reason, then what is the process of contacting Ludia and recovering the save data using the support key? Do you create a new guest account and give that support key to Ludia as well and then they transfer the save from old guest account to the new guest account? That’s what I can think of.

I can confirm that you will be safe by clicking “Login with Facebook”. I’ve recently had to connect it to Facebook too.

How I contacted Ludia trying to recover my lost account (didn’t work): Go here then click on the orange “Contact Us” button. The rest should be self-explanatory.

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Thanks Predator_X, weird that it didn’t work for you. Now I hope somebody from support gives an explanation on the process(my 2nd para). I’m kind of curious as to how they go about it.

Basically works as an email to them.

You can contact them via email or the support function in the game. To transfer a game you do exactly what you described.
Install a new game, tell them your old support key and the new one and ask them to transfer your data from your old one the new one. I had to do this once because I had issues with my Amazon app store installation and it worked.

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What @Tommi says is correct some times it can take awhile with support but as long as you have the information available (old support key and new support key) they can make it work. Or you can do the FB thing. Either way I would recommend you put your support key down somewhere that you can get at even if your device dies.

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Where is the support key? How do I find it,alongside the player I’d.

Login with Game Center I think that should work.

Enter the settings menu. You can find the key in right corner at the bottom of the screen.
Or, if you are very fast, on your welcome screen each time you start the game.

It shows up in your login screen (the T rex image when you log in) at the bottom right.

Hello, @Rex0. You can go ahead and press “Login with Facebook” to ensure that your progress is secured. You can find more details here.

In a worst-case scenario where you lose your current progress and end up creating a new guest account, the system will generate a different support key for that new account. As a precautionary measure, kindly write down your support key before linking your Facebook account. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Ronald for the confirmation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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