Transforming dinosaurs


So I had a baryonyx right out of range, and I’ve never seen one in the wild, so i went after it. Once it got in my circle, it changed to a Trex. :expressionless:


Despawn. You got lucky and got another epic. Could’ve been some common dinosaur.


the bary never disappeared though. it just changed. i kept it on screen the whole time. it was weird. the t rex is literally in the exact same spot too.


Baroynx to Trex happens if the Baroynx spawns during the night and hasn’t despawned or been caught before dawn.

Just watch the map at night, dawn, day, dusk changes. Same dino’s transform. Occasionally useful when you know when it spawned and can get it after transform.


No despawn…just from Dawn became Day


happen me recently with one Nodosaurus, it change from dawn to day and become a Postocuchus


Yes, I have seen this. When the day cycle e.g. dawn to day, dusk, night happens, the dinos change most of the times. This has happened for epics, rares, common.
Fortunately it changed to something of same class. I have had the rare/ epic disappear :frowning: