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Translation issues

I’m playing in a localized version of the game (brazilian portuguese) and found at least 2 cases where 2 different dragons received the same name in my language:

Sweet-tooth | Sweetcicle -> translated to ‘Docicolé’

Warywing | Wingwary -> translated to ‘Cautelasa’

I found an issue too in the Spanish version,but not about the translation but with the dragon seeker tool. Some dragons have accents (Libélula) but the keyboard doesn’t have any character with any accent or symbol, and the tool thinks that Libélula ≠ Libelula, I have to manage by avoiding those when looking for a specific dragon (I gotta write “lula” because “lib” is not specific enough xD) It’s not that we can not play without it being corrected, it’s not big deal, but it’s there :slight_smile:

Found another case:

Spikeback | Thornforce -> translated to ‘Espinhosa’