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Translation mistake causing me buying the wrong boost



I just spent 500 in game cash to buy 25 stat boost, which in my translated language, it says “Health”. But afterwards, I found out that the translation is misplaced. That boost is for attack.

Then I checked the other boost which stated “speed”, but then it is actually health. (I judge by the icon).

I have not used any of the purchased boost yet. Could anyone help me to transfer the attack boost towards health boost?

Furthermore, someone has to notify the team that the translation is mis-mached with the icons. I’m sure I am not the one who bought it wrong. The language is traditional Chinese.

Many thanks!

Edited : There are actually more mistakes on the market page. I just found out the “stat boost” column is named “attack” instead. They really need better communication with the translated document.

Description in shop is misleading... in Chinese

Thanks for reporting this to us, @lcy. I’ve let our team know, and they’ll look into it. In the meantime, could you email our support team here at with your support key so they could try and make this right for you?

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Thanks !

And since you have already mentioned this to them, could you also let them know that the translation of Darwezopteryx is also wrong? In traditional Chinese, this name is identical to Darwinopterus, instead of having its own name.

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Here’s the stat boost selling page in Chinese.

And here’s how it feel like if I translate these words into English.

Hmm…none even any of them is correct.:sweat:
Because you actually selling attack boost (left) & health boost (right), no speed boost token.
I must tell other players not to believe the description, just distinguish with the icon, or they might buy something they don’t really want…


備用飛鏢 一包廢標 一堆飛鏢 sooooo funny too :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Can they properly hire someone to translate things in chinese?


They can hire me if they need.:wink:
I actually do every update patch note full translation into Chinese by myself, and post them on Chinese forum.

Also hybrid names are weird.

This string means Sinocerallotarbosaurus, not Thoradolosaur…
It only stick ingredients’ names together, not translate.

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Nice I see 中國 on it! I like it :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi Ned,

I sent an email 2 days ago and I’ve sent another one to confirm if they have received it but still haven’t got any reply. And the problem is not yet resolved. Could you please check with the team if they have been informed on this issue ?

Many thanks again!


Here is the what it looks like in English:


@Ned @Ren
Thanks for helping, I noticed the string of items are corrected. Here’s the new description.

But… why not completely fix this misleading?:thinking:
The title is still wrong…shouldn’t be 攻擊(ATTACK) there.

Please replace this with 能力加成 (STAT BOOSTS in Chinese), thx a lot.

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In fact, if we want it to be completely correct, 防禦力加成 (defense boost) should be 生命值加成 (Health boost), and it is more consistent with other translation in the game since health is translated as 生命值 in other parts of the game.

And my 25 attack boosts are yet to be transferred back to health boost. Hope they could find time to help soon. @Ned If you could help, it would be much appreciated ! :smiley: