Transmoging Gear

It would be a nice QoL change if you could use a piece of gear but be able to choose to have it look like another piece of gear you own. IE. Raika’s common boots are great for the +Action but look terrible compared to her other boots.

This is a bad idea for pvp because strategy relies around people knowing what build someone else is running. I highly doubt they’d code a separate instance where they remove the effect for pvp, as they can’t even properly apply pvp only effects for balance.

I set up my teams to AoE people down and just run restore boots on Halbenet and restore on Nayeli. Once the battle starts the only thing I really look at is what weapon they have equipped to know how to position. A lot of this game is spent on challenge mode and explore, grinding for gear so it’d be nice to have my characters be aesthetically pleasing to me during the grind. If spotting gear in pvp actually helps that much strategically, they could leave it off there.