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Traps and obstacles

that were to be implemented into battle arenas have been ousted and replaced by the ‘loading glitch’, the most formidable obstacle.

Reaching 4k last season is that much more impressive, as I likely lost 400pts to the ‘loading obstacle’.


This topic is already being discussed in the following thread.

I’ll tell my team of heros it’s being worked on, I’m sure that will bring them comfort while they are reloading :+1:

Good idea. Its essential to keep the troops informed.

Perhaps it may also be wise for us all to remind our fellow guild members it is not helpful to duplicate forum threads. While such ubiquitous duality tends to bestrew the forums, it does nothing to assist the ongoing efforts to resolve the issue. :wink:

Are there any efforts to resolve this issue?
AND, if I have to deal with the ‘loading glitch’ and many other glitches 10 times a day, I’m sure staff can suck up a redundant post here and there.

I’d love to educate my guild members on Waterdeep etiquette, unfortunately, we are up to our elbows in this raid boss, remind me tomorrow.:speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: