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Trashtalking about the JWTG

I see here on the forum that many people post messages that are irrelevent to the topic. So I creted this post for trade harbour, battle arena , Prize drop and much more.

Edit:All recommendations would be appreciated.

I wanted to know which is the best decoration to get loads of xp and then can be traded for loads of resources

Apatosaurous fossils . My friend @anon43877113 will better explain why

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Most expensive one ez.

This was a joke lol. And why is the title “Trashtalking about the Jurassic World the Game”.

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Seriously? Leo Walter had suggested that only cause they were out of topic,but then,there were topics regarding those as well,there was no reason for this.

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Is this a good trade?

Why on earth not?

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I don’t think it is a good one

I even received a trade for 497 DNA for a fossil

I only take bucks for my Apat fossils because 400-500 bucks>300-500 DNA

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Yes that is why I never trade DNA for fossil bcoz I get about 350-500 bucks trade for it

A trade for any resource is good for the fossil, even coins if you are having trouble farming them from your park. It’s only a bad trade if you have a bucks trade in your trade harbor at the same time and you only have one AF in your market left.


Correcting myself, I only take bucks and coins if I profit from it.

@anon43877113 This thread is not too bad . It is better than posting irrelevant post in other threads although it was created from a joke😂.
But it is ok .I’ll trash talk here :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t think people understand the definition of “trashtalking”. It’s not talking about irrevelant things if that’s what you’re thinking.


Yeah I know it’s meaning. We write what we think only :grinning:

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By the way who suggested this thread??

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I did this @Rexy2. :joy:

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This is funny but I wauld prefer to post here than in any irrelevant thread