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Treasure chase discussion

What is the point of having a treasure chase if you get like 500 to 2,500 gold once a day when the max is like 24,000. How does that make any sense. Why dont we get it all at once or twice.

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answer is none,it is not even a treasure chase or an event.
If Ludia thinks we are limited people, the least respect would be at least to stop telling us that it is an event given its uselessness

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It’s simple. Basically Ludia changed their minds on how they wanted the treasure non-chase to work, and instead of changing it ingame, i.e. the information that shows the limits etc, they went the lazy route and just used the same content as before without communicating any changes whatsoever.

It’s a disgraceful move.


I’ve been getting my 500 coins each day of the event.

What a joke.

Go back to the old way pre-Covid

I had just one chest yesterday with 500 and one interaction. Today nothing or the chest has cloaked on me. :face_with_monocle:

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Today I also had no treasure chests. Or my whole alliance.
So I think either they broke it or they just removed it… -_-

Also yeah. Yesterday I got 500 and 1 toy. And then nothing else.
But we always have on those chests that they reset in 10 hours and have a 25k cap. So. If we were getting just one chest how could we even max it out? Lol.

The Food, interaction or Toys that were included in Saturdays chests were supposed to be in Sundays chests, so they cancelled Sundays because they ran out of the Food, interactions and Toys.:wink:

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Ludia is never going to comment on this failed treasure non-chase. It’s pathetic and disgraceful, but we all signed up to that when we got involved with the game sadly.


Treasure chest…

maybe I have to travel from Spain to Namibia to find some more…

500 coins once a day…