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Treasure Chase returned

So the last Covid19 Announcement said, treasure chase will return on 09/17… But I haven’t seen one yet… Did i miss something or will they appear later this week? They aren’t listed onnthe weekly schedule either…

It will be in 9 days then

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He clearly meant 7/9. I’m sure we’ll see them today at reset.

It would be a nice surprise.
But i don’t really expect them

Yeah, sry was talkin about September 7th…well, in Europe it should have been yesterday September 7th 4 pm… Maybe today September 8th?

This is the official statement… And thats why i am curious about their return…

It wasn’t on schedules so…
Only ludia employee can answer you.
But yeah,it is write .

So @Ned could u please forward thos to the team?

Hey DPG members, the Treasure Chase event should make an appearance on Saturday/Sunday.


Thanks for letting us know @Ned although disappointing as it was meant to be all week. Not exactly a replacement for the Saturday rewards. Lets hope for more next week.

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@Ned will I still be able to collect on Saturday and Sunday without leaving my house…”all over the map”… as was stated Here…

or will that change as well?

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So we have to wait until Saturday or Sunday for treasure chase, but they also didn’t give us a treasure chase equivalent last weekend? So we don’t get any rewards for last week? Thanks guys.

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@Ned @E.D I should have known that things would not go as planned… :expressionless:

As a new player… can someone explain what this treasure chase is exactly? I saw one lunch box this afternoon with a few coins in it… is that all? Or is there more to it that i haven’t figured out yet?

Before COVID they would appear every 6 hours, Tuesdays thursdays and saturdays, giving 3750 (for level 20 player) coins each time, total 15,000 coins a day. Sometimes they would be collectible several times instead, with smaller amounts of coins but you could collect several times, maximum would be, idk, like 25k coins a day or so, and those would also give some FIPs. But apparently Ludia decided they where being too generous…

So today I got the whopping amount of 500 coins and it seems that’s it…


Yup, at reset I got a super dupa huge amount of coins from a lunchbox - 500 coins.

Thanks for such generosity Ludia


Yeah… if you guys can just send a rare inc to my in game inbox that would be great.
Nice try though Ludia.


Just got another 500 coins today!!!

They will be so useful come Tuesday


@Schtemty :rofl::rofl::rofl: