[Treasure chase]-Survey

Which do you prefer?
  • 1 try every day:(500 coins mostly),Current situation
  • Rare weekly incubator (While confinement)
  • 1 try every 6 hours each days (You can reach 25 000 coins)

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Okay, I’m just doing a quick vote to find out what people think about the treasures chases game situation that has been changed since deconfinement.
It seem people seem unhappy when you look the comments under facebook,twitter and even on this forum.
Maybe i’m wrong but it seem the game really don’t want us to get more coins…
First,reduce the coins in towers strike
Second,no more shop’s event offer about coins
And now ,the treasure shame which provide you less coins than any supply drop.
What do you guys think about it?


how about it is all 25,000 in one go like it used to be


The current treasure chase is probably the worst we’ve had. No idea why Ludia haven’t changed the chase back to how it previously was.


Completly,in my personnal opinion,it doesn’t help them ,for anyone who play this game last year,it give to ludia a bad profile.

I find very curious some people still prefer the weekly incubator to the original 25k coins

I am one of the few who voted for the rare incubator because 25k coins every week is more like a dream when dealing with Ludia and the rare is more realistic, but my preference is always for the more coins.

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i’d be content with both. that incubator did have a change to give exclusive rare dna. but if we do go the incubator route, i would like for them to go back to the rotation they had before changing it to a rare incubator.


yeah, if they went back to weekly incubators, I hope they do switch the incubators around and don’t just stick with a rare every week, wouldn’t mind the rare, it would just be nice to have a diff incubator every week like it used to be before they went only rare and then killed the idea of weekly incubators

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Aahh miss the day when we can opened one premium incubator in Saturday every month


Just make it the old chase, but everywhere until we click it. Odds are, we get more even if we don’t get the full amount


I got 5000 coins and 5 speed boosts today!!! Best treasure chest!!!

I don’t like the “chance” to get an exclusive emote either. With just one attempt, seems pretty low odds to me


I want the 25k back but that’s not happening because Ludia. I’d be fine with the current one if they still have the weekly rare(or better)inc

Hey yesterday when I collect the holiday chest I get an epic incubator prizes which include dna and coins. Is it unusual?

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Wot, that seems very off. I got 500 coin

Maybe you should add the option to have cheat everywhere and be able to hit your 25,000 coins each day if you decide you want to grind for them. You know, like it was before. @shining

i want the part where we got grey epic event incubators on the first and last week of month and the rest were rare incubators

I actually got it today :+1: