"Treasure Chase"

So I don’t understand the current chase. Prior to COVID if I’m not mistaken the treasure chests you could collect more than once per day. When COVID started we received a weekly incubator which gave coins and DNA, which was great and after the deadline we’re stuck with 1 chest per day on Saturday and Sunday. There’s no way to hit the “cap”. It seems like this is just entirely to boost coin sales in the shop, I’d rather have them get rid of the chase altogether than this current format Screenshot_20201107-100903_JW Alive


Yes,ludia told us,now you earn 500 coins and it works as intended.
The message is pretty clear.You want coins?spends real money in shop for it.

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Exactly. That number is unreachable. Pay up

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It’s ridiculous, at least be honest about the amount we can get because even between both days we can’t reach 25K

Yup,totally but eh :slight_smile:
Look at the nice shop offer : 4500$ for 250 000 coins only!
Jokes aside,they reduce aswell the ammounts of coins from strikes tower if you didn’t notice.
So,yeah the message is clear.

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As much as I loved the old treasure chase and would prefer that one. Ludia gives a lot of ways to collect coins in the game as it is. From supply-drops to epic strike towers you can be making 50000 coins a week if you want.

oh wow,such generosity…
In 1.12,we earned way more than that.
There were treasure happened 1 every 2 days.
Epics incubators earned :15 000 :today 11 250
Rare:5 000 :today 3750
ect ect ect.
Coins are diluted like it was at the beginning of the game.

I get your point but at the start of the game we didn’t have treasure chases or epic strikes, but I do see your point.

There were epic strikes since at least 1.3 (my memory can’t say when they were introduced)
Here is the proof: https://metahub.info/news/1480/jurassic-world-alive-massive-game-update-1-3-is-live-complete-review-everything-we-could-not-tell-you-before-today/
For treasure chase,i agree.
But if ludia don’t want to give us coins,just delete the treasure chase but at least stop insulting your community by throwing 2 cents in their faces as if we were fithy hobo and pretending “See our event?We are so generous”


I totally agree with the amount of coins you can get from treasure chases are sooooooo small it’s useless.

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There was week long treasure chase soon after I started playing. Started last few days of raptors meta.

My issue is that this chase is useless. They had something way better in place before and this is just a cheap imitation at this point