Treasure Chest Event: Rule Change (Only 1 chest every 6 hours)


Just wanted to put this out due to the rule changes hoping it would benefit the public:

The initial treasure chest event gave wonderful opportunity of collecting upto 25k coins (in combination with daily coin limits and based on which limit you fill first).
The second chest event though short was also good allowing to collect 2 chests/ 6 hour with coins based on your level. The 6 hour restriction put limit on how many you can collect and allowed only to collect 3 sets for normal public assuming one 6hr set would get missed due to night time.

This time, the restriction seems to have been tightened further with the limit being set to 1 chest limit every 6 hour which means less coins and being able to collect 3 chests in a day on an average! Further based on the pop-up message on app load, we are assuming it is just a single day event!

So, don’t forget to collect each of the chests every 6 hours :slight_smile:

Update (23-Aug-2018): As of 9am US EST, the current treasure chest event is over.

Coin Treasure - Despawn

Thank you so much. It’s so annoying that they change the rules every time and we have to guess how it works now.



Yeah. I wished they mentioned some of the details on the popup or added a link to the popup message on the App linking to a detailed updated FAQ.


Yea pretty sad when they do the chest events and the in game notification leads you to a month old thread… even worse on the event dinos popup. Leads you to 3 month old thread :joy:


They really need to do more about the coin situation in this game instead of always restricting how much we can get, even during special events. I decided not to spend much more money on this game until they figure something out because I’m tired of having to pay real money to level my dinos up every time they need it. I have 2 dinos that require 100k coins to level up as well as the rest of my team needing 60-90k each. If I hit the daily limits for a whole month, I might be able to level 2 of them up. It shouldn’t be like this. My phone bill costs less monthly than this game does and I’m not gonna play like that anymore. They made the requirements too high and limits too low. HUGE mistake on their part.