Treasure chest gone again


Hi, this afternoon I got a message ingame that the treasure chests were back.(Hurray)I have openend 2 of them. But when I log in now I can’t find a single treasure chest anymore? Is it me or are they gone again?


it looks like they move. last time they stayed in the same place but went clear. I’ve just been out and got two. once collected an orange box came up in its place and the box was gone. so yeah maybe they move?!


I went hunting for treasures after the notification in game and they are really really stingy this time - drove for an hour and came across 3 and only one of those was reachable :sob:


Ok, thx then I keep looking for them


I experienced more or less the same thing. I saw 4 treasure chest in my nearby and organize my bike run to catch them all, then I opened my first chest and gained 2.300 coins. Seeing that I was able to collect other coins from the same chest without waiting, I re-opened the same, other 2.300 coins and the treasure chest changed into an orange supply drop. Ok then, looking the map for the other 3 chests but they all came into SD, even if the time wasn’t up yet. I didn’t want to bike for miles for hunting some elusive chests (or even the imaginary ones :rofl: ), then I came home with my 4.600 coins and felt ok like this. :relaxed: