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Treasure chest presents rip off subscribed players


I am a monthly subscriber to Jurassic World Alive, my wife is not. Yet every time ( and I mean every time) she is getting double the amount of what I get. I thought subscribing to the game gave better perks? She gets double the cash awards and gold awards from the daily present chest. I feel like I’m getting ripped off!


My gf always gets the better rewards from the chests but we’re both VIP. I get the bare minimum every time. I’m not impressed with them.


Can you guys provide print-screen proof of this? I’m interested…

That’s a genuine request, not sarcasm/disbelief btw

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Well… looks like the ladies get preferential treatment…

I’m questioning my gender now :neutral_face:


We will have to try tomorrow


she sounds like a real keeper, then.

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Sounds like this issue needs some… ahem… RESEARCH!!

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Sigh. Now if only we tracked 10K or so VIP versus non-VIP openings we would know something I guess.

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I’ve only had first or second tier rewards so distinctly undewhelmed (yeah, I know - its free, but …); mind you one premium would probably make me thing the whole thing is a great idea :slight_smile:

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Yeah its free and is not partial. I think it is nice f2p get good stuff. Keeps them motivated


I got 4000+ Draco 2 yesterday! Sweet!!!

Swiper no swiping! Ftp is more fun.


Ive had an epic and premium incubator so far :grimacing:


For the record OP you got ripped off by a free gift?

Sorry for your loss.

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Yeah, be glad that these are daily presents!! They could have kept this a weekly event like the treasure chest or replaced this with the treasure chest event!

This topic reminds me of kids fighting on who’s presents are worse :smiley:

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I keep coming back to this thread just to watch the crying kids, reminds me of the kids on my sweet 16 when they don’t get the porsche but just the bmw :joy:


I don’t think VIP makes any difference for chests. WE have three account with VIP. The very similar. There is always an account that gets a better reward but not usually the same account for us. Yesterday 2 of the accounts got 25 bucks and one account got 250 bucks. It has been pretty random and fair for us. Anyway, it is free stuff and better than nothing.


When presents are horrible and unusable due to the lack of impact the lowest tier gives a player, it really doesn’t matter if it is free when other players have that beautiful RNG luck to max out the highest tier present level on a regular base.

I agree, presents was a nice thought. But the imbalance of what is given out to players is outrageous (80common vs 900 useful epic DNA). There is just no justification, free or not, when the balance of power is decided by your “luck”.


I’m a f2p and I haven’t got great partner from those gifts xD . 2 times 2500 gold and 2 times 25 cash. And One assimilate to a common incubator if i remember well. I think i got 10 000 coins on my first gift though .


I dont think it really makes a difference with what we get. My vip expired a couple days ago. I plan to renew before weekend to maximize darting time. While I was vip i had a couple days i was only getting the smallest rewards like $25 or 5000 coins. I did get 2 rare incubators which was nice. My 3 so far as non-vip have been 5000 coins, epic incubator and today it was a small incubator.