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Is there any free coins of gifts


Don’t understand if there is an a free gifts or coins can anyone please tell me that do I really have to walk this empty Word for ever and ever and ever


As of this moment, there’s no on-going Treasure Chase event. If there is, you’ll receive an in-game notification.

You can also check the JWA Twitter account for updates.


It already sent the notification lol I think it should start in a few hours and go for 24 hours pretty sure wednesday is payday in Jurassic world alive


Ah, what good timing! :slight_smile:


I may be stupid I just don’t understand

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Apparently the Treasure Chase is going on now…if you haven’t seen this in-game ad pop up, close out of the app and restart it.

You can collect a total of 4 Treasure Chests located randomly in your neighborhood and city. They do count toward your daily coin cap, but if you’re able to find one, take advantage of it! Good luck!


Hi. I haven’t been able to take out time to go collect the treasure yet. But I think it is similar to last time (check my other thread mentioning rule change). You collect one every 6 hours and rest of the treasures disappear. So you can collect a total of 4 in 24 hours but only 1 every 6 hr (which forces you to go out once every 6hr where one time would come late night)!


No point in taking part…
Had 5 around me so set out a route to go on a walk, got to the first one, got 2450 and the rest disappeared…

What’s the point, where is the incentive… 1 chest, wow wet ya knickers


As exciting as getting yet another pair of socks for christmas lol


Haha, they are being stingy. At least should have allowed to collect 4 chests at once within 24hr window.

First time, the event was up for a whole week. Now it comes once a week for just 24h and then gone for at least another week!


I’ll accept one haven’t seen any.


Thanks for spending time on me and thanks for help

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Thanks for your help and for the time you’re spending with members


All g glad to help :grinning:


I had hoped the treasure chest wouldn’t count towards your daily limit. More of a extra boost than part of normal.


Is the event still going? I missed the first chest, and after 6 hours they disappeared but haven’t reappeared yet… I’m wondering if they changed the event again and now it ends when you miss one. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


They move around after the 6hr reset so it’s harder to find them. I haven’t missed one today (so I cant answer that part of your question) but its definitely much more of an actual treasure hunt since the chests move.


But there were like 6 at sight on the first shift, and now none at all. I might go for a walk to see if I can find one. Thanks for the quick reply!


Ludia has done it again. A Blue strike event was replaced by treasure chest.