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Treasure chests difficult to find

Ludia has increased number of regular treasure chest events to 3 per week but it’s impossible to find 4 (one every 6 hours) most of the time. I’m very lucky if I find one or two of them. What is the purpose of introducing this into the game when many people can’t find them? They used to “spawn” everywhere so it wasn’t very difficult to find them but now it’s outrageous. Even special event treasure chests are much easier to find.


Some people have chests everywhere, while others dont. You’re just one of the unlucky ones :confused:

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Starts at 3 the next is at 9 then i am asleep until 6.30 so miss out on them so now i don’t even bother with them

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They nerfed the events a lot. And in return gave us some unreachable treasure chests, we know ludia,. Don’t expect them to change

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