Treasure chests disappeared


Ok so the treasure chests have just started again - got my first one and now they have all disappeared from the map (two others were visible at the time of opening the third) - anyone else had that ?


You can open only 1 chest per 6 hour period next chest will appear once timer ran out. so everyone can open 4 chest


Lol I don’t even bother with the chests anymore I just get to daily max from spinning almost quicker than finding a chest!


Wow ! Every four hours ? When did that change ? Well that’s me done then - used to go around collecting enough to level my beasties - guess I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

At least I’m not going mad - thanks for the insight and it’s a shame Luda have done that but that’s life I suppose.


Sorry that was meant to say - every six hours … yikes - not going to bother looking for those anymore


Ludia gave with one hand and took with the other with chests. Prob realised that no-one would buy coin if they stocked us all up properly. I think of it as an extra, saves getting annoyed


Hi Beast - thanks for the reply, yeh i can understand that, but all they had to do is increase the time between the event, not the time between them spawning in during the event. I play with 5 others and we all looked forward to it as it meant we all had a chance at levelling our dinos - when they get to level 18-20 the cost of levelling them is astounding (god help me at level 25), those treasure chests meant we had a chance at doing just that.

Do they really think players are going to go wander the neighbourhoods every 6 hours to look for one treasure chest? I think they are being somewhat delusional there, its not really an event now…more of a one off thing you might collect once in a while as apposed to what it was, where myself and my friends would go out searching for them, catching dinos at the same time and generally enjoying the event as part of the game, alas that isn’t the case now.

Anyway, i have no qualms with them or the game, its a great game, which appears to be going in the opposite development direction that Pokémon went - ie Pokémon started really badly and very very very slowly they made the game better, unfortunately for Pokémon it was too little too late and most players had moved on - we players can be fickle beasts. JWA started great (less the cheaters) and slowly but surely they are nailing the game further and further into the ground.

But that’s just my opinion