Treasure chests gone?


Can’t find any treasure chest, everything else looks ok. I see dino’s supply drops etc but no treasure chest?

Anyone any idea?


Yes The event ended mate :grin:


It was a limited Summer’s Festival event that lasted 7 days :slightly_smiling_face:


ok thx
(get used to it very fast everday treasure hunting)


I assumed it would go on a bit longer. I was hoping I’d get more than 2500 out of one at some point.


I got a big one a few days ago… but it was my last one for the daily limit and stopped at the daily limit… :disappointed_relieved:

I too spent a couple minutes this morning waiting for the one near my kids school to appear on the map as the rest of the Supply Drops and dinos started appearing… then I remembered it ended.


When the treasure hunt started, there was a clear timer or 7d xx h and I knew exactly what hour when they would end. Based on that, I collected the treasure one more time after the reset at night.

How soon they would be back? That’s definitely a question! Hopefully soon enough.
I feel I got spoiled collecting 25k - 35k coins daily and was able to upgrade at least 1 dino a day vs collecting 12-12k coins daily that too by spinning supply drops which has been tedious :smiley: