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Treasure chests no longer part of limits


Not sure if this has been noticed - couldn’t see a thread.

Went out to farm a few supply drops and passed a treasure chest - hadn’t hit the daily limit so wouldn’t normally bother opening it but it only had 10 minutes to go so I thought “what the hell - less supply drops to open” - collected the coins; checked the info button on the next supply drop and the coins collected weren’t showing in the amount collected. Nice one - worth collecting them now. :+1:

Just a reminder!

Yes, some good things post 1.4 update:

  • Normal supply drops have a separate limit.
  • Park event drops have a separate limit. Half of the Normal supply drops limit.
  • Treasure Hunt have a separate daily limit. Same as normal supply drops limit. So each treasure chest fetches you “Normal Supply drop limit”/4.

Guess Battles and Strike event limits were already separate. So no change there.


I knew about the two limits on the supply drops but hadn’t realised the treasure chests were now seperate - also hadn’t noticed that the amount you got was one quarter of your daily limit. More coins can only be a good thing.