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Treasure Chests should be reworked


I’m very thankful that Ludia gives us extra coins so we could level up our dinos but the way they are distributed needs changes. I’m shocked that Ludia expects us to go out in the middle of the night to get one of them because they show on the map every 6 hours. Please remove that limit and make them available everywhere. In last few times I wasn’t able to get even one because they didn’t show in my area at all. I remember that when Ludia introduced that in the game we didn’t have to wait 6 hours to open another chest and that was great.


For some of us two of them are scheduled in the middle of the night. If you’re lucky to get them in range, you may claim them from afar before going to bed and as soon as you wake up. But most times you aren’t that lucky.

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Bare in mind that people around the world play this game. What might be the middle of the night for you is a different time for them.


And that is why Ludia should remove the six hours time limit so if you see more of them you still can collect them. There is already a cap so why they want us to look for one every 6 hours? I always miss 2 of them around 1am and then 6am.

Many times I can’t see any of them in my area at all, even with hours of walking and looking for them. That used to be much better in the past as chests were showing everywhere.


I go out 10min before the chests reset so i can get the 3rd and 4th chest pretty much at the same time. I got 1 chest, then did a strike event, and then the next chest spawned down the road when i was done with that. It’s easy to plan for if you need coins bad enough.


I don’t think I will be going out at 1am or 6am to get one and there is no guarantee the other one will show anywhere close. :confused: That whole 6 hours time limit is stupid.


There’s chest going on?? Huh, I saw 2 yesterday…


Then idk what to say…
They don’t give too much anyway, so you aren’t missing out.


It depends on your level. I get around 4000 per chest so 16k is a nice amount of coins. :frowning:


What is your level?


My level is 20.


Then do more battles and use incubators…
I dont know what to say.


I do that too but I really think that with max cap they don’t need to restrict how many chests we can collect within an hour or two. Plus finding them is difficult alone.

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