Treasure Chests


The Chest’s are a nice feature but I don’t need coins - I need cash. Need to be able to compete with people that can afford to spend a lot of money on the game


They need a participation trophy hunt. Maybe you can find like 3-5 a week? Maybe every time you find one you get free arena wins?


I spend all in-game cash on coins. Don’t bother with special incubators that cost cash because it’s a gamble and you’ll probably get stuck with random dinos that you can never level up. You’ll always need coins.


You need coins. You just don’t know it for now.

When I get cash I spend it for coins. You will see when you’ll have to spend 100k to level up one Dino


So treasure chests is part of Daily limit!? Damn i thought it was an addition :confused:


They have done it strangely. Ideally hit your coin limit on supply drops before you open any chests.


Yeah and That sucks! So i wasted 10K today :confused:


There are a lot of false info around here. I need to do more test today but yesterday, I hit my daily coins and I was able to open more chest after. And the last chest doesn’t give me 2,5 k but about 1k meaning the limit is not based on number of chest but on coins limit.

In my theorie, you don’t waste any coins unless you have a limited number of chest around you. In fact you saved you time to spin SD


I’ve opened at least 15 treasure chests in one day and all but one were 2500 coins. I’m planning to open more today. Like everyone mentioned. We all need coins.


Wbat’s your level ? Are you VIP ? Did you spin any drop before hitting coins limit ? (not the chest one, the daily one)


Similar experience here, I think the daily coin notification wasn’t designed for the chests, but gets triggered by the chests. I think the Supply Depot’s reference the daily coin notification to determine if it gives coins or not. I think the chests don’t have that same check of that daily coin notification, but check a different coin total somewhere in the background. I hit a bunch of them today on my way to work, and the last one I hit gave me coins, but not the 2500 I normally got, it was less, so I’m assuming that I hit the hidden cap and it stopped adding on.

Not quite sure when I can get more chests… is it a rolling cap? Every coin amount drops off your cap after 24 ours? Or does it get reset in the morning when the Park Event’s would normally reset (for me that’s at 9:00 am)? I don’t know. Such a great game, but so much we don’t know about it and how it works… I figured this place, the developers designated forum referenced in the game, would be the place to find that information…


When can you use the coin? Is there a certain level you reach before you can use your coin? Where can I get information on this at? Please advise?


You will use your coin any time you want to level up a dinosaur, anytime you want to fuse dna from two dino’s.

I didn’t notice too much coin usage in daily play until you get your dino’s past level 10… then each level up costs in the thousands for coins. I thought I was good on coins when I had 10K, then I leveled up two dinos and was back down to very few coins.


Got a treasure chest on my home suply drop, good? No… nou can spin it evert 16 hours and suply boxer evert 15 min. So its Nice but I had rather the suply box instead as home box :joy:


I’d hit max coins from supply caches but was still then able to pick up four chests and gain 2500 from each of them.


I think chests and supply drpps are separated. I remember the first day chests were introduced, I opened over a dozen chests and all containing 2500 coins each. I thought there was a cap but there wasnt. But the next day, they released an update and my coin buffet was gone.