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Treasure Hunt Daily Limit!


I take back being overjoyed at Treasure Hunt Boxes! I thought when it said earn up to 10,000 coins, that meant possibly earn up to 10,000 coins at a single treasure hunt stop. Nope! That is the DAILY LIMIT. It’s still better than nothing, but when you consider that you can buy 500 cash for $4.99 and 500 cash gets you 25,000 coins - they are only giving away $2.00 worth of coins per day.
So, just a bit of a let down after thinking I could grab coins all day while out and about. Oh well! :weary:


Free coins is free coins. I’m enjoying it. I don’t look at the real world cash value, as I will never spend real world cash for virtual currency in an environment that could disappear tomorrow and have nothing to show for it… but that’s just me personally. It’s already more fun than I had watching Ready Player One.


That’s what I feared. Too bad. Why does there have to be a daily limit at all?


Question is does it count towards the other coin daily limit?


I maxed my daily coin, cash before event. Then got 4 chests not hit vip limit. So I think totally separate limits.


I would like to see monthly rather than daily limits. All, bar the real dedicated players, will have days of no or minimal play, and days of a lot of play depending on work, family, health etc. On a day when you can play a lit you hit the limits, but then might have 3 days of no play, so your average daily coin amount ends up quite low. A monthly limit would be fairer as on a high gameplay day you could gather enough coins to paerially compensate for non playing days


Yes, i tried and it are two different ways of earning coins. The normal way with the limit. And the treasure-chest-way with another limit. Maybe even > 20.000, but i am not sure for that. It is sure more than 10.000 (i am VIP).

Info d.d. 02 August 2018
I took 2 chests and several supply drops and tbere was a limit for the supply drops. I took in total 10 chests and the results were 8 x 2.500, 2.336 and 1x nothing (the tenth).

The chests are good when I need quick coins. But the fun of opening supply drops after daily limit is gone… Cycling and open many supply drops is not necessary anymore.

Update August 2
I earned today 8 chests each 2.500 and several coins with a quick daily limit. I read in thuis post There is a daily limit for each level and 25.000 for each out of chests? Not for me, though…


I literally only just discovered the daily coin limit because of the treasure hunt… Why not make the treasure hunt an actual hunt and have it separate from normal coin drops? Evolving some of the Dino’s is expensive and I only opened one box before reaching the limit. They are all over town! Literally everywhere! It’s not a hunt at all. What’s the point? I’m sitting at 18k coins now, that’s a plus. But it won’t last once I start catching Dino’s and evolving the team etc. And I’m not evening evolving half the ones I can because they can’t be combined or are too low to spend the time anyway. What is the daily limit? 15k? Ridiculous.
Just make the treasure hunt boxes one time openables for the day or week and make it worth the daily amount of coins but not count towards your normal total. That would be worth it. I’d hunt town for the one box or whatever for that.


Did you see the photo I posted? It’s the first day and I already reached the coin limit for both Supply Drops and Treasure Chests. I am VIP as well, and it didn’t take long. I stopped at maybe 10 treasure chest stops total. It felt like less than that. I was maxed out after 1-2 hours of gameplay (driving & stopping).
But, as was stated earlier: FREE COINS IS FREE COINS! (I can’t argue with that!) :smile:


I wouldn’t say $2 daily gift is a bad gift at all… In fact, I was afraid the 10k coins were a weekly limit. If they are only the daily limit, sign me up!


I like this monthly limit idea!!!
Often my schedule is sporadic, so this would be helpful!
(But I think the makers of the game want you checking in every day, so it’s unlikely that they will change it, because that would counteract their goals.)


I’m with you Lyra, 10k a day from chests and my 8.6k daily from supply drops makes me a happy hunter. I thought the 10k was for the whole week also !!!


The daily limit for chests resets at the same time as the limit for supply drops. You can’t collect from the same chest twice though. Gotta find new ones. We’re all gonna be hurting when day 7 gets here.


My daily limit has included coins from the chests and the supply pods as one limit. I can’t get any more coins from supply pods and have only collected about 6 spins worth. I did however pick up 2 chests. I’m VIP lvl 10 so they have definitely cut me off early from the supply pods. Sucks as I always get my supply pod limit every day and I was hoping the chests would be a bonus on top of that. Anyway I guess I don’t have to worry about a supply run on the way home tonight.


Looks like you can Re-open the chests already.

Seems like the metahub info based on a beta is now out of date. Please ignore everything I’ve written.


What time does the coin limit reset ? I’m in Australia and it’s sometime during business hours for me.


Same happend to me, but we still need to collect cash


Actually, it says you can get up to 10,000 coins, meaning a treasure chest can contain up to 10,000 coins (that’s how I understood it) I’ve opened more than 15 treasure chests yesterday. All contained 2500 coins, except for one. That one had only 100 coins. To be clear, I track my over all coins and every time I collect a treasure chest, it added the amount to my total. So it seems that I’m not capped out when collect treasure chests.
Even when my supply drop capped out. I was still getting coins from treasure chests.



  1. Daily Coin Limit from Supply Drops.
  2. Daily Coin Limit from Treasure Chests.

I think a player may have hit both their limits around the same time, which is confusing the issue. But yesterday, I clearly hit my Supply Drop Coin Limit and was still able to open treasure chests.

Interestingly, I went to Ludia’s help section that addresses coin limits in order to grab a screen shot and they had updated it to include information about the Treasure Chests:


The daily treasure chest coin limit is 25,000!!!
So, you can get up to $5.00 worth of free coins!
That’s a pretty good deal! :dancer:t2::man_dancing: