Treasure Hunt Event


The treasure hunt was great coin wise. When I heard it was coming, I was all set to go out and find the treasure. I was a little disappointed you could see the treasure a quarter mile away. I have to keep in mind this game has to be oriented to kids also.

Maybe next time you do something like this or similar, you can orient it to both by actually having to search and find what we are looking for. There are certain dinosaurs that only spawn when your right on top of them. This is what I was expecting from the treasure hunt.

Maybe in the next treasure hunt, you could reduce the payout for the open easy to see treasure chests and have other treasure that only shows up when your within the pulsing circle range and has a larger payout for us older ‘kids’ who want to actually go out and hunt to find treasure.

If you program the chest like dinosaurs where they spawn and despawn like rares so you can’t just go to where you found it the previous day, that would work also.

I know you don’t want something that is going to discourage young kids but would like a challenge for some things for us older ‘adult’ kids more than just getting those epic dinosaurs.


I would be fine with this as long as they didn’t reduce the amount the normal ones gave or the number of normal ones. Treasure hunting was not something I would want to do on top of trying to cap coins and cash daily plus getting as much DNA as possible.


I think before collecting treasures chest you had to reach the maximum coins amount on the supply drop and then collect those 6 chest.