Treasure hunt?


When I first loaded the game this morning there was a popup about treasure hunts. After being out and about all morning I haven’t seen a single chest. Was I imagining things? Anyone else see that ingame message today??


Not just you. I saw the notification, but haven’t spotted any chests. Are they not out there, or just really hard to find with so much else going on on the map?


I think the notification got fired since it used to be a weekly wednesday event. There is no actual treasure hunt going on. I am assuming it did not take place due to the 1.4 update and other things already going on.


Same for me, usually easy to find… I supposed the notification was too early (used to be on wesdnesday) or wrong.


I confirm, no treasure chest anywhere


I had hoped for a treasure chest event as today is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Missed the boat on that one, arrr!


Definitely a missed opportunity!


I opened one treasure chest about 3 hours ago so yes this is for today :+1: