Treasure Hunts and Strike Events


Has anyone seen the Treasure Chests or the Battle Events out in the city? I haven’t seen any yet.

Treasure Hunts and Strike Events?
Strike events how do I find them?
Strike events available?
Strike events and towers
Strike towers implemented?

Me too, not showing on the map yet. But I think we were so excited and begging Ludia to release the new update as soon as possible… Maybe they heard us and put alive an almost complete update, now we can practice on our new dino skills while they work on finish the other amazing things :relaxed:


Idk about you guys, or maybe I’m just blind as a bat, but I haven’t seen a treasure hunt or strike event, even though it was in the patch notes. I was wondering if you guys have seen them, and where I might be able to find one. Thanks!


My best guess is that they are events like the dinosaur of the day type events we have right now. So maybe one will start next week?


I was thinking the same thing.


@Ned any news on The strike events? :grin:


Well since next week’s dinos have already been announced/found in code. I doubt strike events will be next week’s weekly event


Strike events are coming out early-mid next week along with the treasure chests.


Ophiacodon and dimetrodon gen 2 on Monday and Tuesday, girafatitan on Wednesday, secodonto ourano and mono on Thursday Friday and saturday, and spinotahraptor on sunday.

For anyone wondering.


Source for that info?


Can’t tell you unfortunately… you’ll see when they come out.


Interesting because it’s not in the code for next week like the dino event :joy::+1:t3:


They’re partially in the code. It’s on the server side though, so expect an update to make them functional.


The dinos are all the way in the code. Those are confirmed. What u on about.


Metahub hasn’t discovered any info on when the strike events are coming out, but the strike events themselves are partially in the game files.


Did u also see that there are more new dinos and new moves in the apk? (Besides what just came out)


Exactly. There is no release date for them. That’s why u saying early to mid next week is a guess. And that’s all it is. What is confirmed is the dino and the order that I stated. Starting Monday


I don’t know about new moves so I can’t tell you unfortunately.


It’s not a guess. Latest date the strike events will come out is when the giraffatitan event starts. Could be before that as well, I just don’t know when exactly between now and then.


Giraffatitan is Wednesday