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Treasure Troves from Treasure Chase not fun or worth it


Those treasure troves that give a small amount of coin (500 or 1000), and give nothing in a spawn spot for an hour, are actually annoying to me, and don’t give enough coin in comparison to a normal supply depot that you can visit 4 times an hour (especially during the bonus times). If my work only has a few towers around it, and one of them is a treasure trove, that kills my big break time because I don’t have enough darts to do a large incubator. Now I know there is a slight advantage, for coin lovers, who do indeed appreciate the extra amount of coins they can collect in a day, but for me, I have found them to sometimes give me a negative experience and are not that much fun or worth it.


This whole game is not that fun or worth it any more. The devs couldn’t care less so long as people still keep buying usless incs and scents. Oh, and $70 oto.


It would be more fun in my corner of the world if it wasn’t so darn cold and white and will be 6" whiter this weekend. We need to be given salt pellets instead of darts to shoot at the dino’s.

I know about the treasure chests that you get the same amount of coins out of two or three drops. I think your suppose to be able to run around and collect a lot of them all day long. They could add treasure chest collecting to the daily missions if they had them out every day. I just won’t be getting out till spring.

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Or they could just send out individual personalized email to ask what your special and unique requirements are so that they can provide that.

And to compensate for this travesty of trying maybe even throw in a free unique (of your own choosing)


You’ve gotta be kidding me. An extra 25k coins a day and people are complaining about this? Don’t you dare ruin this for us.


Yup. The are. They will.

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I had a treasure chest give me 4400 coins today and another give me 2500 coins… there is no way your getting that from 3-4 supply depots.


I only ever got 500 and 1000, a normal supply drop is on average worth more for me atm. And no way i get the 25000 from those few chests.

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Frankly I am not complaining about getting extra coins … but 90%+ times I am getting 500 coins from them which is less and then they are very very far apart for me.

So for reaching 25K coins daily I need to travel a lot. Till now I made max 22500 in one day.

They need to improve on this a bit.


Yeah, I like these treasure chests while I’m in Spain and it’s warm enough to walk all day. So 25k extra coins are great


Yep. 340 coins repeatedly at my local “treasure” chest. Eyeroll.

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How dare you give me more coins Ludia!!! :roll_eyes:

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Again, its not “more” if they give less than the normal stops.

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It’s more if you actually get out there and play the game. It’s profitable for the people who go around looking for dinos and grab a ton of chests along the way. I can easily hit the chest limit in an hour or two of hunting. And then you have supply drop coins on top of that. The chests actually give me a little more than the normal daily limit. 22,500 + 25,000… It sounds like more to me.


Good job! You win the internet! Meanwhile some of us are stuck with opening supply drops that give us nothing but darts. I would say about half of the supply drops give me darts only. On a one hour ride to work where I used to be able to get around 10k from supply drops, since they “increased” coins, I get maybe 4-5k because of coinless supply drops. I actually have to work for a living, so I can’t run around for hours every day opening every supply drop in town. Why is there even a chance for supply drops to give only darts when I still have coins to get?? So, when I’m not even maxing supply drop coins, chest coins are an even farther goal since they take up supply drops that I’m not even maxing… I suppose it’s my fault for not being born into a 1% family and having to work for a living. Sigh…having fun is for the rich…

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There are no way near enough chests around me to achieve that.


Congrats on having a job, i guess? I work full time too.


So, does anyone else have problems clicking on the treasure chests? I think over half the ones I “tap to open” just don’t. It doesn’t really bother me on the regular treasure hunts where you can just get another one on the next block, but I’m probably losing 10k coins/day on these events where you have to click 30 of them.

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I have had problems up until this week when I finally realised you need to tap the bar that says “tap” rather than the Jurassic World logo on the chest itself … boy do I feel dumb …

[Edit] And I’m being serious, not sarcastic :crazy_face:

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Yes it’s hurt I play via bus or passenger seat.
I just assumed it was my heavily crack3d phone screen that was the issue


Really awesome I’m gonna try that.


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