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Treasury and Fishery are too insignificant

I suggest that the resources gained from Treasury and Fishery are increased. I currently level up my 4* dragons and my Fishery is lvl 9. So it takes 18.4 hours to collect 23k fish from there and with this amount I would only be able to level up my 4* dragon with 4 cards (dragons or sheep). The figure I wish to see is 60k per 18.4 hours, with this amount of fish I’ll be able to lvl up my 4* with 9 cards and the same amount of coins would be a half of what is needed to upgrade a dragon from 3* to 4*, also more coins would make me able to hatch a 3* once in a while, now I can only afford to hatch a bunch of 2* without going broke


Thanks for the suggestion, Anna_Frolova!