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Treatise of time for one hour?

I noticed the treatise if time reward for what was quest pass only lasts an hour? Is this an error? Defeats the purpose of it…I figured at least 1 day minimum.

I agree, especially considering it really expires within 3 minutes of use for many players. This should never have been contemplated as a reward.

Yet again, this developer has proven incapable of understanding the impact garbage features and worthless rewards have on player sentiment.

The >90% reduction in active players (year-over-year) should help clarify this. Hopefully, observing these errors will allow them to find success with their more current roster of apps.

[Edit: There may be 6 or 7 or 8 players who would support this as an adequate reward]

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Use it to open your chests with gems at half price, and then grind PvP for an hour as if you were running a Test of Might. Compared to a ToM you’ll spend fewer gems, have easier PvP fights, and get more loot.
Even if you don’t want to spend gems, remember you can claim this anytime you want until the end of the month. So you can claim it right before you start unlocking a 12 or 24 hour chest to maximize the time. Remember the chest currently being unlocked will keep the reduced time when the book expires.


Super important point!

All good points, but it’s still a weak reward. Nothing says weak reward more than “use it this obscure way to make it not useless.”

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100%, it’s a swindle. The average person should be able to benefit from it in a way that they deem normal usage and there should be a minimum sufficient time coverage for it to actually be beneficial.

To be clear, I’m not happy they didn’t include the free entries book that I could save to use during a Silverhand Trial. But I honestly think the Treatise of Time is the second best book now that the others have use count limits.

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