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Trebax Apex Heroes Looking for New Members-Open to All

Hello everyone,

(To mods ty for letting me post. If not accepted please delete).

My name is :green_circle:Luigi​:green_circle: and I started my new alliance called :t_rex:"Trebax Apex Heroes.":t_rex: For those that know me, I am a server owner, a discord bot maker, and the lead strategist for raids. Our server hosts 4+ alliances eager to help players with their raids. We expanded and it was time to add more players to our large family. We have had many level 10 players earn their first :yellow_circle::black_circle:apex dna​:black_circle::yellow_circle:. Give us a 1 week trial to see how much you like it. smiley


  1. Join my discord server.
  2. Do 10 kills in tournament.
  3. Respect sanctuary rules.
  4. Must be in Arena 2 to do 10 kills or open to grow.

:thinking:Any level player level is fine as long as you are qualified for the weekend tournament.:thinking:


  1. Apex Raids help to carry low level Players.
  2. High level Sanctuaries.
  3. Inter-Alliance Membership
  4. Promotional Roles on alliance and discord
  5. Use exclusive bot in our server. New commands made just today.
  6. Current JWA News, Hard Cash Links, and special tools to better your JWA and discord experience.

:video_game:Additionally we do other fun activities​:video_game:

  1. We host Pokemon Go raids.
  2. Play Cards Against Humanity.
  3. Play Among Us.
  4. VC Parties.
  5. Meme Wars.

Thank you for your time.

Post a comment below and/or dm me if interested. Language support available. Se habla español si lo desea.

Have a great day everyone!