Trebax is needlessly difficult

Why is it near impossible to beat. With the updates to some creatures it’s impossible to win with old strategies and before then it was still difficult and you needed some luck to win


Ha ha Andrewtops raid boss has no 100% working strat comment go brr


thanks to sleepless hunters couldnt find a gorgo thread

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Imagine struggling weeks to get a working strat (or better yet: up to stat creatures) raiding it week in week out and then finally unlocking it…. Look at the stats and be like :sob::sob::sob:

yes it like every other apex is sitting on a display shlef in the corner stripped of boosts :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the strategy I am using. Turn 3 of round 1 and 2, I may use Thors group attack, depending on how many hp Gorgo has left otherwise, I follow to the ‘T’. One mistake which usually happens the end of the 3rd round and I have to start over. You have to do the 4 turns per round for everything to work. I’ll give the above shorter strategy a try next week. I have all the creatures for it and if I can find something a little shorter, that will make me very happy.

This is painfully long.

This is my progress with getting all the Apex creatures and unlocking them all.

there are quite a few faster ones but it comes down to what you can throw at it and what the team has.

just a few, only issue now is anything using mortie is very risky.

I have all the creatures to try the one with Tuora, Thor, Gemini and Skoona.

This is what I have available on my accounts:
27 Tuora
29 Thor
27 Gemini
22 Skoona with the DNA to level to 25 if so needed.

Looking at the needed damage output, I will need to level Skoona up one and add a damage boost or 2. Anything that shortens Gorgo will make me happy. So I have two strategies I can try.

The problem with all the raids anymore is they require a big Thor. Nearly every one of them. Heck even the new uniques require basically a max booster Thor. Ludia apparently loves Thor and wants everyone to use one so they keep changing Mortem so its hardly usable for raids anymore. I don’t want to have to sink 20 attack boosts into a Thor that I am not going to be using in the arena.

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This a strat I usually do and its reliable

I would agree trebax raid is quite hard for how good trebax really is when you unlock it.

personally I think trebax should only have 3 rounds

Except trebax and hydra are good and meta🐹

I wouldn’t know. I don’t do that ridiculous raid for months now.

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Two of my accounts have a level 30 Thor and one, level 29. The two Thors I use are health boosted to tier 12 and damage boosted to tier 13 right now.

Toura can also be used in all the Apex raids. So I have one account with a level 30 Tuora, well boosted and a level 27 Tuora also well boosted and working on growing.

I juggle 3 accounts with the Thors and Tuora’s and the 4th is mostly a buffing and debuffing minion against the bosses, what ever is needed.

Which is fine if you want to juggle that I would venture to guess most people playing the game don’t want to waste 15 minutes a day doing raids honestly. Not to mention the time it takes you to put together a team. Yes I have unlocked most apexes I run to accounts but I will only use the one to help my friends. I don’t run the Apex raids twice for myself. They take way to long for the reward

the third strat wont work with morty anymore only thor

yeha pretty much no strat is great with mortie anymore shame

Trebax is in range this week so I can play around with other strategy’s.

This one worked the 2nd try although it got dicey in the end. This was posted on another thread.
There is another 8 turn strategy above I am going to try later today after work.

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Best working strat