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Trebax is needlessly difficult

and now ladies and gentleman the first 8 turn gorgo

This is slightly modified from yours but this is works most the time. It took a lot of trial and error and then boosting damage up 2 more tiers on level 30 Thor for this to work. I added Gorgo’s moves and minion stats. I added the extra turn if needed but is usually done in 8 moves. The minions start in one of two ways but made it so it doesn’t matter whether the shield minion shields or hits on turn one. Thor’s big damage is a must for this to work. My Ingo G2 is only 25 so had to add one boost to its health to survive a couple places. Happy to spend the time to get this raid down half the turns.

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this a very good strat that i use
Note that gbax that is used according to the strat doesnt need to be 137 speed, It could be 125 speed.

Wdym by first 8 turn gorgo?there were 8 turn trebax strats before yours