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Trebax speed issues

@Ned @E.D

Hey guys was in a strike tower and was playing with Trebax and got my speed up to 136 as shown below

Then a velo was next and had 132 speed and somehow was faster then me??? You can see the speed arrow in the pic as well.

Can you have someone look into this?

Please and thank you!!!


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Hey Neodeadalus, did Gorgotrebax end up going first? It might be a visual issue with the speed arrow.

No I got smacked from velo @Ned

It’s something with that cautious impact move if I do reverse moves it works for some reason. Tried several times to be sure

Thanks for the information, Neodeadalus. If you could email our support team at with the steps to reproduce this issue, it’d really help our team out.

I will try to get that done as soon as I have a chance

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Cautious impact works for only 1 turn.

most likely another visual bug like how a undistracted thor can show 0 attack


Could be visual bug most likely @Ned i think Mattplays has it right cautious is 1 turn so if I used first attack after I should revert back to slower then the velo as cautious would then drop off but speed displayed stays at incorrect value.

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I did group accel twice here not cs and veloci is faster
Screenshot_20210405-152527_JW Alive

And now it worked… maybe just look into double accel of trebax a little.

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While you’re at it, can you ask the team to buff Gorgotrbex’s speed up to at least 129 or something? It really needs it :joy:


Never trust the stats shown. They remain there after the end of an effect. They should just take this out at once, I get screwed numerous times because of it. Sometimes I need to check the base damage from my opponent’s creature, but it keeps showing as if it’s buffed or distracted, even though the effect has ended…