TRex defense shattering rampage blocked by short defense?!?!?!


Ummm…it is LITERALLY in the description. Bypass defense and armor. Lost a battle because their Ankylocodon survived instead of DYING!

User is in Sorna and I’m in Lockdown…how?

Enemies with 3092 trophies to my 2917.

Ludia, your bots as hot garbage. Fix them or take them out.


Ankylocodon’s shield is protected by its immunity so t-rex can’t shatter it when it uses short defense. The bots are gone, as far as I know, or at least not around that level now. Most likely they just moved up to Sorna shortly after beating you.


There are still bots but only after waiting about 3 minutes for a match to start. I don’t see them unless it can’t find an opponent.


Wait…you’re literally saying that IMMEDIATELY after beating me, they gained at minimum ~50 more trophies? After I lose stupid battles, I check their profile, so the 3092 was seconds after getting opponent wins.

I did not know immunity blocks rampages, but the fact my enemy was in Sorna is another issue I feel.


All I said for sure was that the shield was protected by immunity, the rest was supposition. However I would like to add that a lot of people at the higher end of Sorna (around 3800+) are reporting that they’re having to fight people with over 4000 trophies who are currently in the next level, so I’m going to offer another explanation for your other issue: regardless of what level they’re on, you only have 175 trophies between your scores so it makes sense that you’d be matched up - you’re at a very similar place even if you’re not in the same arena. The system doesn’t care what arena you’re in, they care about trophy count and matching people with similar numbers.

Edit to fix the number because my brain apparently didn’t want to count properly…


I think you should edit your post to remove this persons details it’s not really fair when you have no idea what the situation is. Email support if you’re that concerned


you sure? IREX and erlidominus cloak is not protected against nullify (a negative effect) by their immunity.


Nullify could still take it down IIRC but not defense shattering attacks.


Opponents are currently matched based on their trophies and the trophy difference can be anything from 0 to 400-500 +/- based on Arena level.

Till the above condition is met, it does not matter if both of you are in different arenas. Arena background doesn’t play a part in fight.


pretty sure it’s always someone in your arena too though. not sure how many games i’ve played, but i completed the 500 win mission, so a lot, and not once have i done a battle that wasn’t in my arena.


removing a cloak and removing a shield both are both negative effects. if immunity stops one, it should stop the other.


That’s your experience but not the experience of many of the rest of us, myself included. I’ve been fighting people in the arena above my own since the newest arena was implemented. Also if you don’t want to take my word for it, throw the dino in question onto your team and use it in a few fights.


it’s clearly a bug then. just like some dinos cleanse their own shield off with superiority strike and some don’t. i’m in arena 8 and i can’t remember the last time i faced a dino with a shield that had immunity and i tried a shattering rampage.


Maybe, or it could be the first of its kind. But either way, op’s opponent wasn’t cheating - a bug or the design of the dinosaur, that’s just how Ankylocodon works right now.


Not too long ago, I just had a fluke battle where I had my Segodeous default only to Superiority Strike every turn I had no matter what skill I chose. I was at 2 to 2 when this happened. It cost me the battle and trophies. I think in Draconius’ case, the T-Rex defaulted to Armor Piercing Strike, which doesn’t break shields. I think we should keep an eye on this during battles. It did happenagain. Could be a glitch, but who knows?


Nope. Ankylocodon ma immunity prevents shield shattering


Hmm. How many dinos out there have immunity and the ability to create shields? Would be interesting to see if this is only limited to Ankylocodon.

Edit: As far as I can tell he is the only one with shielding and immunity.


Are you just upset or a chronic whiner?

Your opponent was within 200 trophies, well within the acceptable range. Sometimes you battle those above, sometimes below. It averages out. I prefer to battle those slightly above me.

And trophies aren’t necessarily reset immediately. I doubt he won 50 on that one match. Probably from the last 2 victories.


And battles are always in your arena from your point of view. But your opponent may see another arena.


@Paralea Yeah he’s currently the only one with a shield and immunity. It used to have long shield but replaced it with short shield. I guess because it was too tanky. It’s a great creature very under utilized.