Trex emoji

Is the only place to get this in the 9.99 incubator

As you can see, JW alive is following in the footsteps of clash royale, emoticons only available in money and lots

Yes I hate it

It’s a free to play mobile game, what did everyone expect?

They paywall things that are only cosmetic, which people have said they’re okay with. But I guess those were just empty words. :man_shrugging:


Not everything is going to be free :roll_eyes:
Please stop expecting free stuff all the time we get enough …

Actually you can get free ones quite often

i paid the 10 bucks for it. got some rare dna that i needed out of the bundle and some coin.
could Ludia sell just the emotes instead of bundles? probably. not sure what they would price them at tho.

I imagine they will put it to a dollar :rofl: