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Trex free

How can I get a trex for free


Dart it (10 c)

In Jurassic world the game

There is no way to get free

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Nothing in this life is for free. And that’s a fact.


You cant :joy::joy:


Are you referring to JWA or JW:tg? If it’s Jw:tg, the only way to get it is via grinding or luck from card packs. If it’s JWA, you have to Dart it or grind via sancts.

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This is Jurassic World Alive Forum, not Jurassic World The Game forum. Other than that, it’s not really free.

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You Reach player level 54 And Battle stage 54 Win To Unlock Trex And 1 Card Free next Card Buy From DNA.

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Join as a VIP. It costs you $10 a month or equivalent in your currency but you get a ‘free’ T. rex!

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You could try and just play the game and overtime you can accumulate many for free, but this option would take some time.

Yup as mentioned by others already you don’t get anything free (unless Ludia messes up and hands global unlocks out :eyes:). You can win it from events or buy it with DNA when you unlock it.

P.S @Sintrex @Indotaurus_Enjoyer I was wondering why you guys were on the JWtG Forum so suddenly… :joy:


@Undertaker1 welcome to the forums ! What park level are you ?

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You can take the free trial which gives a free copy of t rex. But it truly isn’t free. You need to have enough balance in your store balance and cancel before 7days.


P2W (ten letters )

bruh this jwtg forum

It used to be a JWA forum

I don’t think so….wait I don’t know forum history

It was a JWA forum for a short time

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I got a free Ammonite instead

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