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TRex has been created!

Well sort of.

See the news clip. Maybe cloning of dinos aren’t too far off in the future.


we have 5 movies about why that is a bad idea.


Some scientists don’t think they do any harm with such experiments.

Just recently scientists in China created pigs with monkey DNA.

Humans never learn.


Some experiments could actually lead to interesting discoveries that can help though. Heck we might be able to bring back species that humans have rendered extinct. There are some projects to breed back some of those animals

This is legit? Not a hoax?

2035… Jurassic Park becomes a reality :crazy_face:


“They were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they did not stop to think if they should.”


The new chicken eggs will come a carton of ‘1’ not 12

if you click the “Source” button at the bottom it takes you to world news daily report. At the top of the page it says “Where facts don’t matter”. Always check the source lol

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Yup, somebody posted that article in the DPG Facebook group, and it was promptly shot down as fake. I read that DNA breaks down after around 10,000 years or so, so I doubt we’re going to see cloned dinosaurs anytime soon.

Would be amazing to have a Trex running around making chicken sounds😂


In doubt, go to snopes.
Of course this is nonsense, everyone knows that DNA doesn’t last that long and the article is full of contradictions.


Also if that was real in December 2016 I think it would be more widely known over the last 3 years.

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They didn’t say that they found trex dna in fossils and extract it and feel the gaps in the sequence with chicken dna. This is not jurassic park. The scientists just turn on some of the pseudogenes that chickens have so the embryos start to grow some teeth. Nothing scifi with that. We have the technology and knowledge to do stuff like that.

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“A 68 million-year-old dna sample retrieved from soft tissue cells found in a recently excavated pregnant tyrannosaurus rex fossil has led researchers at north carolina state university to produce the first fully living dinosaur embryo in millions of years.”
Yes. They did.

I actually have heard or to be more exact read the story but in a scientific site. Maybe is totally different from that one but this is just not true at all like you said. I didn’t open the link right now and i just assume this is the same that i knew. Well there’s no possibility to find and recreate like that a “dino”.

I know there is some dorment dna in chickens that can partly be “reverse engineered” to dino DNA, but never a complete set.
They can activate some of the strands, causing chickens to grow things like teeth and other dino features, but they die quick.
It’s really not that simple :slight_smile: I don’t think there is enough DNA left to get an old dino back. And you can’t really know which of the DNA strands you find are from which ancestor. If you create something that is susceptible to life, then it’s most likely not something that ever looked like that before.

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Yeah exactly there’s no way to make an old dino. We can just alternate the birds dna so they can start showing some features but nothing more.

Didn’t they say they had to kill the embryos due to a contract?

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What’s a bad idea?! …