Trex health should review:


Trex is supposed to be the epic of the epic in Jurassic, but is so easily bitten by many.
Given how rare players can hit a Trex, the “health” should increase much higher than others and allow Trex to withstand more attacks.
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I think it’s fine. It has tremendous alot of attack and with a high crit chance. It’s meant to be used against tanks. And most tanks have low attack which it can easily survive. Defense shattering impact with a crit it’s a death sentence to most dinos. While Defense Shattering Rampage is overkill.


If lucky to meet a tanker from start, otherwise most others with better damage and speed can easily finish Trex. almost no difference with Allo where is so common to level up…perhaps better choice than Trex…


You shouldn’t be using T-Rex as a opener. If you’re not using your cards right of course you’ll be out matched. And what do you mean higher damage? Gen 1 T-Rex has the highest base attack in the game. Allos 1.5 move isn’t Shield shattering nor does it have a double damage move. T-Rex also has 10% higher chance of a critical hit. In return allo get 2 more in speed and at level 26 300 more hp. Just because something is Epic shouldn’t mean all it’s stats should be overwhelmingly better.


Trex is by far the slowest in the game, so whether u send in first or later opponent still go first, unless u super lucky to slow opponent with one before gets KO, and has Trex to be sent in.
Hardly it can take off 2 opponent dinos, unless two critical move, i am just saying Trex being at the top of Jurassic perhaps the health can be more than others.
Some tankers or heavy armours can withstand better battle than Trex i think…which is kind of weird…


You completely misunderstood @Democraticdonkey 's point. You talked about if you are lucky to meet a tanker from the start, if not anything else can easily finish off the Rex. So the guy said you shouldn’t be using the Rex as an opener. Yes if you change to a Rex later in the fight you are still likely to go second, but at least you’d know when the opponent has a tanker and that’s when you bring the Rex out.