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Trex please


Since I started playing this game I would say about a month-and-a-half ago I have collected DNA for the T-Rex but I never see them in the wild is there a way we can make T-Rexes appear more frequently and in areas that are more reachable for people on limited gigabytes



Honestly, i think that the rare/epic dinos are even more numerous. Before they released that update, ive only seen ONE T-Rex in the wild, within a span of about two or three months. Now, ive seen three of them within a span of about 10 days. My only suggestion will be to collect incubators and keep searching :wink:


That wouldn’t be such a huge issue to keep searching but I have a limited data plan and I’m in the military so my ability to search for dinosaurs everywhere is kind of limited lol


Ahhh i feel you homie. Gotta keep your personal life straight. Family comes first before anything else. However, i cant really help you with the prollem with your TRex. The only answers i got have already been said before. Sorry dawg. :anguished: