Trials Glitch

In the latest trial, the player has to fight against 4 creatures with 2 creatures whom’s base damage is 1000 or lower, while also having a stunning ability. Smilonemys does have a stunning ability, but its base damage is above 1000. Now someone tell me why I was allowed to pick my Smilonemys in today’s trial.

Now some of you might say that MY Smilonemys’ damage is lower than 1000, but that isn’t the case either.

I’d appreciate it a lot if somone could give me an explanation.

wonder if boosts don’t count? but that’s probably not the reason.

Does it say base attack stat? I don’t remember.


Probably because Nemys’ unboosted attack would be lower than 1000

Then yeah, boosts aren’t counted. Base would be less than 1000.

Woah! A new feature that isn’t glitched? I feel people here at least aren’t giving them enough credit for this

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