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Trials... Why? Improvements

Trials used to be fun at first, being limited to dinos you usually wouldn’t use. But recently? Trials haven’t had restrictions. And why in the world would we need 2 days to beat a common trial with no restrictions?!
They just take up space on the map now, and they reward very little, and are no longer fun.

My suggestions for trials:

  1. Bring back restrictions, and make them even harder than before
  2. Trials should only spend one day on the map at most, not 2 or 3
  3. Have rare/epic trials that reward rare and epic incubators, to make it worth our time

What do you guys think should be done to trials to improve them?

  • More Restrictions
  • Less Time on Map
  • Better Rewards
  • Other (Reply below)

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They’re currently almost pointless for older players, and lately, they just feel like yet another pointless strike event on the map to drown out potential green drops.

Up the rewards, and have the common ones spend less time on the map. Even when I was a new player, I barely ever found a use for the common strike events and outgrew them after a week of playing. But like the trials, they plague the map.


I voted for all three of your options.

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Yeah, we need the occasional Epic Trial to keep things interesting.


Trials should be as advertised: hard-to-beat strike events with interesting restrictions that offer cool or unique rewards. That’s not what was delivered to us.


Perhaps it’s because these two weeks don’t exactly have a theme(like Fast, or Stun). Was still looking forward to some restrictions at least though

Maybe trials should be taylored more to higher levelled players, so it should be more harder maybe?


Makes no sense that trials have much worse rewards than easier strike events


Couple ideas to make it harder

Counter Attack trial: Must have counter attack, 2 creatures vs a 10/20/25 team repspectivly

Continent (North America, Africa, etc.) Trial: Must use a creature discovered in that continent.
Hybrids not allowed and your sat to tournament instead of strike

Bleed: Must have 2 bleeders vs 10/20/25 team, with at least one opponent immune

Fast: Creature speed must be at least 126 (without boosts) vs 10/20/25 team with at least 1 tank on enemy team

Stun: Must have 2 stun users (as a base move, not an SIA) vs 10/20/25 team with one opponent immune

And just for fun

BIRD UP Trial: Must have at least all members of team be an erliko, raptor, or pterosaur model
vs 15/20/25 team

Also if you are higher level than your opponent, your levels will drop to match and you can’t use boosts

I prefer it that we don’t have the restrictive options like when it first started. I like being able to play the creatures that I want to. Definitely a no from me on more restrictions.

However, I agree on less time on map and better rewards.

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When Ludia say they have exciting new things coming up, I admit I’m somewhat dubious after seeing the trials and what a complete and utter waste of time, effort and space they are.

They sit on the map for days and days taking up space that could be a green stop or anything worthwhile. The rewards are crap, and if the trials are Ludia’s idea of exciting new additions then I shudder to think what the new co op battles will be like!

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I forget what a trial is, not a lot of things spawn near me. I only see strike events. There are a bunch of common ones by me instead of the rare one off int the distance which is all I need to get thylo to 17. Sorry for the noob question.

oh, nevermind. Are they those specific strike events such as the africa and bleeder ones?

Like I said taylored to higher players, not just the creatures were battling, but also the rewards.

There were some Trials in the beginning that were actually hard to beat. I had to give up on more than one. Now it’s just gotten lazy

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My thoughts for trials is that they should be like skilled tournaments.

Opponents are all level 30s.
Your dinos are set to default 26.

Restrictions can include:
No Uniques?
Must have Move-type X.

This would make them more like puzzles than strikes.


Yes extending the requirements, with not just species of dino, or counter attack, or stats. They could start with specific movesets, only Epics, only North American creatures, etc. The options are limitless. What a wasted potential yet again in this game.

Maybe have some trials that are locked behind certain creatures like “must use spinotahraptor” or have trials that restrict you from using certain moves like “can’t use bleed”

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