Triassic update

We need more triassic animals repredentation in media. Here are my predictions for creatures that should appear in the game.

New animations

Prosauropods :

Massospondylus (common)
Lufengosaurus (rare)
Plateosaurus (epic)

Large triassic theropods :
Zupaysaurus (common)
Dracovenator (rare)
Liliensternus (epic)

Uniqe animations

Desmatosuchus (epic)
Desmatosuchus gen 2 (common)

Tanystropheus (epic)
Tanystropheus gen 2(rare)
(I don’t know if tanystropheus won’t be an aquatic but i would say it could also be an amphibious creature)

Postosuchus animation :
Ticinosuchus (common)
Arizonasaurus (epic)
Saurosuchus (epic)

Dilophosaurus animation :
Tawa (common)
Staurikosaurus (rare)
Coelophysis (epic)

Scutosaurus animation :
Placerias (common)
Lisowacia (rare)
Shringasaurus (epic)


this should be dimetrodon animation

not possible. the dilophosaurus rig has frills

We need an epic rauisuchian for sure.

Dicynodonts deserve their own animations I think

Tanycolagreus and Quetzorion both use the Dilo animation without frills. It’s possible.


We really do need some more Triassic creatures. We’ve only got two after nearly three years.

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And i actualy dont know wich 2?

Arizonasaurus should have a postosuchus animation because, well, it is a rauisuchian

ok as long as it doesnt have Kapro or Nunda animation
Postosuchus needs a new animation

Nunda and Posto


Not in my opinion. Since he is a relative of postosuchus and his legs are too long to fit the dimetrodon animation

Forgot about posto, had no idea for nunda

Yes. Kinda

I also thought about adding Lystrosaurus but since he is confirmed for dominion i don’t believe he would be released before the movie

Whaat? Lystro is confirmed for dominion? Are you sure?

Yes. It’s been known for some time now as Travarro posted a picture of one wearing a face mask a few months back.


I actually like the idea with prosauropods. The possibility of their model excites me. And it could open the way for more nice designs.


I also thought of adding riojasaurus, glacialisaurus and mussaurus

we need this! second antarctica creature

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fine. only if posto gets a seperate animation from kapro

I’ve wanted to ad crylophosaurus as a uniqe dinosaur but i think two uniqe animations with tany and desmato are enough